Our Corporate Responsibilities


Kerogen Logistic Limited board, management and personnel are committed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility.

Business Standards and Ethics

Kerogen Logistics Limited business and ethical standards are fundamental to how the company operates and includes business conduct guidelines, workplace policies, hiring, training, ethical and legal standards.

Corporate Governance

We are committed to governance policies and practices that promote thoughtful and independent representation of stakeholder interest. Kerogen Logistics Limited is governed by the board of directors who appoint a managing director to oversee the daily running of the corporation.

Other duties of the board include policy setting, decision making, corporate governance and control.


Kerogen Logistics Limited is committed to balancing environmental stewardship with its corporate goals and operations worldwide.

Labour Standards

We are committed to the promotion and maintenance of responsible international labour practices in our operations throughout the world.

Safety and Security

The safety of our staff and contractors is of paramount importance to us as evidenced in our programs throughout the company. These programs are reviewed and improved as needed.

Our Core Competence

Kerogen Logistics Limited specializes in the provision and operation of offshore supply vessels, anchor handling tugs, diving vessels, and accommodation vessels.

At Kerogen Logistics Limited, our goal is to ensure that the daily operations of our clients run smoothly.

Kerogen Logistics Limited provides tailor-made leasing solutions for clients. We offer for lease various types of vessels.

Local content

Kerogen Logistics Limited operates in compliance with the local content laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is 100% owned and managed by Nigerians.